The First Steps

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

To my invisible audience:

Yes, I've been writing lately, and -- apparently, * I'm in love! *

Some poems relate to this new driving force - a kind of force of nature, and others are at least somewhat independent of its narcotic-like influence. However, I believe - very few are actually entirely free of being at least, subtly informed - if not - drenched - by the quiet and overpowering intensity of - well, that deadly passion... LOL -

Here's a poem directly to the point:

titled - I guess I must "like" you! -- (c) Max Wolf Valerio - Feb. 2004

I'm, apparently, attracted to you --
with an apple
hovering persistently
zigzag --

a coolblue ice
atmosphere interrupted with lightning poles
a slender
crescent slips
inside and burns slowly --

elongated claws tenderly stroke the tiger's
improvisational waist her hips tip in unison--

an idea that presumes
Stability consumes
radiant flaming shapes

stretching through pistons -- the pounding of small,
hammers on the most gentle of bodies

Hope I can survive this one! LOL - Right now, its the best of times... There's nothing like love to whip your ass into top shape!

My birthday is next week; I'm reading Frank O'Hara again... More on that at a later time, once I finish his _Complete Works_... City poems, with a sleight of hand where the ordinary and conversational entertain the surreal. I've always enjoyed how he was so matter-of-face with his surrealism, so you barely noticed he was in that area at all. More like taking in the details of city life and dreaming simultaneously. There's also a visceral and sensuous quality at work, and humor. Were the New York Poets the "last avant-garde" in American poetry? Probably not, in fact, definately not - but they certainly were fun to read and major in scope and ambition.