The First Steps

Monday, March 22, 2004

To All --
I know I've been slow to post - I'm gathering momentum gradually. Watch for edits and changes as I get the linebreaks on these things right eventually (let's hope)... Another poem -- from a series.... and hot off the press! Enjoy.

if in the swift darkness

  I should trip

      let every stinging eye


a melancholy braying   a tight-eyed horn sound loud and brown-handled   spoken from that first glowing --

      as in a semi-circle
      of hard watchers  women tearing the fingers off cloth dolls
proceeding within      
      a semi-acrobatic silence containing all the numerals and ornaments fixed      and in reach of the sun, moon and white,       
      wobbling stars ---

      minister to me like heaven
for    I am alive here
      within reach of that sun
      and the sirens
      the ashes and the rectangular neon --I am alive --

  each moment is an hour
    within an hour –

  each small attention a liquid gasping tiger

  and my whole face and body are        

my entire dream soundtrack surging red
and black ---
alive before and after --
for wild saints and
impulsive joy stabbing heroes

             intone the dark moans

(c) Max Wolf Valerio
First draft - - March 18, 2004